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Parents Want Print for Back to School

When it comes to back-to-school shopping, parents named print advertising and direct mail as the two most preferred channels for receiving promotions and deals. The results were part of a study by analytics company Placed that surveyed more than 12,000 smartphone users on their usage and preferences. Some of the key findings include: -- Print…

Direct Mail is Still Delicious

We aren’t the first ones to say this, but let’s finally put to bed the rumor that direct mail is unwanted and unwelcome. Far from it, in fact, as recent stats show. Direct mail continues to resonate with both business and consumer prospects, consistently generating solid response and respectable ROI. According to a leading marketing…

The Best Event Swag – Promotional Products That Make the Grade

Swag – that ubiquitous assortment of logo-imprinted giveaways at every event and trade show – is still a big part of any event marketing budget. Great swag serves its promotional purpose by being used over and over again by your key prospects and customers. How to choose the right promotional items, the ones sure to…